the art of caring for your aging loved one

Choose a Lawyer

How Many Loose Ends?

We'll assume that all is not watertight.

Choosing and employing a lawyer is an important stop on your quest to assist your Aging Loved One.

The law doesn't care much for loose ends. It has a limited sense of humour.

The best way to make sure the work is done properly is to call in the pro ... the lawyer.

How to Choose?

Many of us use a lawyer's services only rarely, so when we need one we often don't know how to find one.

Many lawyers concentrate their work in a special aspect of law; for example, real estate, criminal, family/divorce, etc.

Ask friends and acquaintances whom you trust to recommend a lawyer who specializes in seniors and/or estate-related law. A personal recommendation can be a good way to choose any professional.

You could also ask the doctor, accountant, or investment manager.

Meet with 2 or 3 different lawyers if you wish and if you have the time.

Be very clear about your situation. "I have become Mum's Primary Care Giver, her Will is out of date, and her affairs need an up-date review."

Decide which lawyer makes you feel comfortable.

  • Does he explain things in terms you can understand?
  • Does he give you the impression that he cares about you and Dad?


Lawyers usually charge per hour. Don't be shy. Discuss fees, the services they include, and the possibility of extra charges. You can ask for a written estimate.

Choose a lawyer the way you would choose any other professional: ask questions, get answers, make an informed decision.

A Giggle for you

Q: How do you get a group of lawyers to smile for a photo?

A: Just say, "Fees!"