the art of caring for your aging loved one

Foot Care Nurse

Neglected or Painful Feet

Some Aging Loved Ones neglect their feet. Suppose Auntie can't bend down to trim her nails. It isn't unheard of for Aging Loved Ones to have nails that curl down and onto the floor. It's true.

Painful feet make for painful walking. Painful walking leads to no walking. No walking means less and less activity. Can you see the slippery downhill slope? Skipping meals? Bathroom mistakes and soiled clothes? A fall? It happens, but it might be preventable.

Call the Expert

It may be prudent for your Aging Loved One to see a foot care nurse every three or so months, especially if he's diabetic with poor circulation. The nurse is trained to examine feet and to give pedicures. She knows how to treat calluses and corns. If she notices anything out of the ordinary, she will notify the right person and your Aging Loved One will receive attention.

The nurse may visit the home or she may have regular clinic hours.

Ask for her card. Put it in the medical section of The File.


Your Aging Loved One may or may not have to pay for this service.

Some medical plans will cover it. Ask the accountant if the cost can be used for income tax purposes. Keep receipts.