the art of caring for your aging loved one

Mail Forward

Re-direct the Mail

Sometimes it is wise to have mail re-directed, temporarily or permanently. You may have taken over banking for your Aging Loved One. He or she may be in hospital for a prolonged period of time. Dementia may be a factor. It's so simple to visit the Post Office and apply to have all mail sent to you. You may have to pay a small fee. It's worth every penny.


One caregiver discovered some interesting things once she began receiving Mum's mail. All manner of companies had Mum's name and address on their mailing lists and a stack of unsolicited mail accumulated quickly. The daughter made a point of contacting each company—cruise ships, various charities, book clubs, etc.—either by a toll-free number or email.

You can do this. Your message might read as follows:

Please delete the following name from your mailing list effective immediately:

[Insert Name Here]

[Insert Address Here]

(Include any other info that appears on the mailing sticker. Often there is a number.)

Thank you.

Sign your name—first initial and surname.

No excuses, no explanations. DO NOT give a reason for the cancellation. You're doing your part to save our planet from excessive paper waste and you may help Mum avoid being suckered into a shady deal.